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On Compassion and Encouragement...

Never pity self or neighbours
    in your word with solemn tongue,
Lest you make him feel his labour's
    not worth seeing through 'til done.

Better let him feel your love a
    practical and righteous way,
Then he'll one day help another
    and society repay.

When you see someone in danger
    Stretch your hand and help him through,
He won't feel like such a stranger
    if you love like he'll love you.
With thanks to George Jokl, Bennett Steele and Rebecca Parkin for editorial help in refining this poem.


What is priceless, what is whole,
    what will satisfy my soul?
Give me courage, give me strength,
    teach me what redeems at length.

What will last beyond my life,
    rise above this world of strife,
Help our friends and fill with love,
    bring us blessings from above?

Friends can bless and free from blame,
    light our fires or quench our flame,
Reinforce our failing hope,
    steer us clear of sin's steep slope.

Sacred moments of our youth,
    learning wisdom, learning truth,
Choosing friends who mould our thought,
    loving those of whom we're taught.

Who gave this wondrous gift of choice
    in which all men on earth rejoice? Father Adam, Mother Eve:
    are they in whom we must believe?

But lo: the babe, our Endless God
    who lies upon a manger:
Wise eastern men with priceless hearts
    find Him, to them, no stranger.

To us is born this holy day
    The Father of creation,
Who came to earth so love can stay
    with men of lowly station.

“Come: Buy milk and honey without price,”
    our perfect Saviour beckoned,
“Don't live for money, sacrifice
    for when the day is reckoned.

“You cannot buy eternal life,
    it takes a priceless heart:
If we would live with blessings rife,
    the price: To do our part.”

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These words were on the sun-dial at Foxhome, Birchencliffe, Huddersfield.

Time is, thou hast
   see that thou well employ
Time past is gone
   Thou canst not that enjoy
Time future is not and may never be,
Time present is the only time for thee.

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Doc.& Cov.25:12   For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.
- Joseph Smith receives the word of the Lord in 1830    {Find out more}
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