Plan of Salvation visual aid / diagram

by Gavin Pouliot

This one-piece simplified visual aid is especially suitable for children and people with a short attention span.
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The Plan of Happiness

Plan of Salvation: Coloured “Spiritual Ralph” diagram

by Mark Cain, Jason Winkel, Matthew Slyman (from originals by Elder Crossgrove and Wendy Hunter)

This is a set of visual teaching aids for use by LDS missionaries.  A formatted version in layout for A4 and American Letter size printing will soon be available.
While serving in the mission office of the England Birmingham Mission, I completed the work of my predecessor Jason Winkel, in producing digital coloured copies of the “Spiritual Ralph” Plan of Salvation diagram.  Since we were all so busy merging two missions together, this work was done during some of my Preparation Day time.
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The original (black&white) drawings are copyright by Mark Cain; who has kindly given permission to distribute them.  (They were drawn in the England Leeds Mission about 1993.)  Mark is presently working on some new Plan of Salvation visuals, which may shortly be distributed through retail outlets, so keep your eyes open for those!
The premortal life where we dwelt as spirits with God before coming to Earth.  We all agreed to God's plan, in which we would go to Earth to obtain a physical body, to gain knowledge of good and evil and prove ourselves that we would keep God's commandments (thereby obtaining spiritual growth that would otherwise remain unavailable).  (No image yet.)
Through birth, our spirit-body is joined to a physical body.  Part of the reason we came to Earth was to obtain a physical body.
Our Spirit Body:
Spirit Body
Through birth, our spirit-body is joined to a physical body, and we are brought to Earth.
The veil of forgetfulness that prevents us from remembering our premortal life; so that this life becomes a test of our faithfulness.  While our premortal life and the joy of living with God are forgotten at birth; we retain the individual character we developed in the premortal life.
Our Physical Body:
Physical Body
Earth, where we now dwell.  On Earth, we are free to choose happiness (according to God's commandments), or misery (by disobeying His plan).  True happiness may only be obtained by knowing and following God's Plan.
At death, our spirit separates from our physical body.
The grave, where our physical body remains (awaiting the resurrection).  Christ was able to raise Lazarus from the grave even after his body had started to decompose.  It has been suggested, “That we should live forever, is no greater miracle than that we should live at all.”  Once the spirit has departed, the body is lifeless.
The world of spirits, where the spirits of all humankind go immediately after death.  Containing “Paradise” and a spirit “Prison”, i.e., the good will rest from all their worldly cares, and the ignorant will be taught to free them from their spiritual bondage.
The Resurrection - by which the spirits of all men will be eternally joined with a physical body.
Judgment Day - all men will be judged according to their works, and according to the desires of their hearts.  God will be a perfect judge, and as a loving Father, intends to give us the very best that we have prepared ourselves to receive.
There are three main degrees of glory - commensurate with the justice (or fairness) of God.  These are divided between
  1. Those who kept the commandments of God - who were motivated by divine and brotherly love, and took the Holy Spirit for their guide
  2. Those who were honourable people of the world, who were motivated merely by a sense of duty to do good
  3. Those who were disobedient and rebellious during their mortal lives
Even those who were disobedient in mortality will receive a reward for their obedience in the premortal life, (including an immortal physical body).  The greatness of our reward will depend on the degree to which we have followed God's Plan; or, the degree to which we have prepared ourselves for this gift.
The Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 15:40-42) described the comparative brightness of the Sun, Moon and stars as being representative of the relative greatness of the Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms.
The Celestial Kingdom is the place where God physically resides.  By following God's plan; through the grace of Christ, we may return to live with God eternally.
Celestial Kingdom
“Damnation” - Because we retain our character (or spirit) from one life to another, those who rebel against and choose contrary to God's Plan in mortality, will not accept it in the next; and therefore will not have prepared themselves for the ultimate happiness He intends for us.  This life is the time to prepare to meet God, now is the time our faith is being tried, and only by moulding our character according to God's Plan may we become suitable inhabitants for the Celestial Kingdom where God resides.  It is not possible, once assigned to a Terrestrial or Telestial Kingdom, to graduate to a Celestial Kingdom.
Terrestrial Kingdom
The Terrestrial Kingdom
Terrestrial Kingdom
Likewise, it is not possible, once assigned to a Telestial Kingdom, to graduate to a Terrestrial Kingdom.
Terrestrial Kingdom
The Telestial Kingdom
Telestial Kingdom
Jesus Christ, by whose power all mankind will receive an immortal physical body, and who made it possible for us (although imperfect) to return to God's presence and become perfect.
Jesus Christ

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